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Issues with HMRC Basic PAYE Tools

HMRC’s Basic PAYE Tools, also referred to as BPT, provides a free application to employers with 9 or fewer employees to report RTI.

BPT is not payroll software as it does not support some key aspects of payroll services, such as the ability to issue payslips and is first and foremost a compliance tool. has reported on HMRC’s reliance on commercial providers to support the delivery of RTI reporting and so the potential conflict of interest were HMRC to compete directly with commercial providers by offering a free payroll software to small UK employers who represent the bulk of the UK’s 1.5m PAYE schemes.

However, BPT has run into difficulties from the start with the application unable to submit RTI reporting via the Gateway due to its reliance on a Windows registry key no longer used by Microsoft in its operating systems which is affecting a number of BPT’s 140,000 users. HMRC says it cannot explain why Microsoft removed the key: the application was presumably not adequately tested before release.

HMRC have advised those affected to pay their employees as normal and report RTI when they can. However, the onus is on those affected to notify HMRC so they are exempted from compliance measures and possible penalties.  A new release of the application is not expected until end of May 2013.

If you are using the Basic PAYE Tools package, has it allowed you to make your RTI submissions smoothly?  Are you able to generate all the reports you need?  Would you recommend the BPT for RTI?

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