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Issues with commercial payroll software

HMRC relies on commercial payroll software providers, e.g. SAGE, IRIS, Moneysoft, Intuit Quickbooks, to submit RTI reporting via the Government Gateway for approximately 90% of employer PAYE schemes, either directly by employers themselves or via their accountants or payroll providers.

Is your commercial software enabling you to make your RTI submissions accurately and on time?  Is it straightforward to use?  If you’ve needed to contact their telephone support helpdesks did they resolve your issue?

If you participated in HMRC’s RTI pilot in advance of 6 April 2013 have you noticed a falling off of support from your software provider since 6 April 2013, as they have had to cope with higher volumes?

More generally, do you feel that if you subscribed for a software support package from your software provider that it represents good value for money?

In your post please tell us which payroll software you are using.


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