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Issues with HMRC's RTI Systems

This section covers all issues with HMRC’s own internal RTI systems. All issues not related to the generation and submission of RTI reporting that arise after RTI reporting has been receipted by the Government Gateway.

There have been some widely reported HMRC systems issues concerning the cut over from PAYE in the 2012/13 year to PAYE RTI in 2013/14. For example, employers having been enrolled into RTI by HMRC in advance of April 6 2013 without their knowledge, making it impossible to file P45s or submit their year end return.

Some degree of difficulty may be inevitable in a technology implementation of this scale and complexity, but perhaps these issues should have been anticiapted and dealt with by HMRC in order to prevent employers having to deal with them.

Similarly, the problem with National Insurance numbers, not being of the required number of characters have taken up large amounts of employer time. These avoidable errors unquestionably add to business’s cost implementing RTI.

We would like to hear about all of these but also more fundamental issues or concerns.

The inability to register a PAYE scheme as an annual scheme because HMRC’s systems have been overwhelmed by what has been reported as the predictable surge in demand for such requests once RTI commenced on 6 April.

Also, issues such as the inability to register an annual PAYE scheme because HMRC’s systems have been unable to cope with the demand. HMRC’s use of RTI reporting and how it reconciles employer RTI data with employer’s PAYE accounts. For example the failure to reconcile RTI reporting accurately or quickly with each employer’s PAYE account.

In the first full cycle of RTI reporting (up to 22 May 2013) HMRC has updated employer accounts with their statutory returns on 5 and 22 of the month but aims to advance this to 48 hours.

Give us your feedback. It matters.


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