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  21. ‘PAYE underpaid’ - GNS message 3 goes live

  22. HMRC announces online RTI appeals facility and other changes

  23. PAC says HMRC must continue to support SMEs with RTI transition

  24. HMRC Debt Management not waiting for RTI corrections

  25. CIOT disappointed by revised RTI reporting rule

  26. RTI ‘on or before’ rule eased again but HMRC shrinks exempt employers

  27. New RTI penalty consultation launched by HMRC

  28. Performance targets at HMRC still not being met

  29. Tax professionals concerned over strain on understaffed HMRC

  30. One in three tax codes potentially incorrect

  31. Generic Notifications Service now launched

  32. Online Services update to go ahead

  33. HMRC publishes RTI End of Year impact report

  34. HMRC report on reconciliation issues denies systemic RTI failings

  35. HMRC’s RTI systems experience first service outage

  36. HMRC confirms RTI Generic Notification System

  37. Latest SME survey shows business finds RTI problematic

  38. HMRC issue causes Student Loans queries

  39. HMRC sends second letter to non RTI compliant employers

  40. RTI blamed for fall in customer service standards at HMRC

  41. Tax codes issued under RTI may be incorrect

  42. HMRC says RTI will plug tax fraud hole

  43. HMRC’s ‘Basic PAYE Tools’ can’t file RTI

  44. RTI launches “smoothly”

  45. HMRC announces 1 million employers reporting RTI

  46. HMRC responds to RTI Pilot participants’ penalty fears

  47. HMRC overwhelmed by requests for annual PAYE schemes

  48. P45 Filing Causes Disruption

  49. RTI starts and clears its first hurdle

  50. HMRC pleased with RTI launch despite teething problems

  51. RTI 'Information Gap' storing up problems for PAYE

  52. HMRC: PAYE RTI benefits will take time to be felt

  53. HMRC set to announce new online pilot to support PAYE

  54. 5,000 employers affected by Sage RTI glitch

  55. HMRC starts to estimate ERs liability to pay PAYE

  56. RTI reporting may mean tax code errors for casual workers

  57. HMRC extends RTI reporting relaxation for small businesses

  58. HMRC to chase non-compliant PAYE schemes

  59. HMRC deny tax code problem is widespread

  60. HMRC launch survey on RTI ‘on or before’ rule

  61. HMRC to investigate cause of PAYE discrepancies

  62. RTI ‘not working’ says tax adviser

  63. NAO report on RTI raises grave concerns

  64. RTI causes SME compliance costs to rise

  65. HMRC consult on ‘debt’ collection via tax codes

  66. HMRC’s report on RTI pilot admits some key problems

  67. HMRC to receive £200m for digital services

  68. HMRC puts out the call for volunteer employers

  69. Further last minute changes to RTI

  70. Gateway shut for maintenance as RTI dawns

  71. Last minute change to RTI ‘on or before’ rule for small employers

  72. Lack of RTI Awareness Persists

  73. HMRC chief acknowledges RTI will have “chewy moments”

  74. FSB calls for eleventh hour change to HMRC’s Real Time Information

  75. HMRC’s RTI awareness campaign covers old and new media channels

  76. HMRC changes its website

  77. The Final Countdown

  78. Failure to prepare for RTI may result in unpaid employee welfare credits

  79. HMRC publishes update on RTI pilot

  80. Government Gateway Scheduled Closures

  81. Limited awareness of impending RTI remains widespread

  82. Quarter of small businesses unaware of RTI

  83. Low awareness of RTI confirmed by web search data

  84. Are RTI pilot numbers a bit of a hash up?

  85. RTI: When to report and when to pay

  86. HMRC over budget on RTI

  87. HMRC scores RTI penalty own goal

  88. HMRC announces RTI penalty regime ‘guidance’

  89. No P45 for the P45, after all

  90. HMRC makes PAYE RTI regulations by Statutory Instrument

  91. UK business will be £300m better off, says HMRC’s RTI Impact Assessment

  92. ‘Dump the dummies!’ instructs HMRC

  93. RTI Pilot begins – HMRC’s “Tax Revolution” launches

  94. HMRC extend the scope of their RTI pilot

  95. HMRC accommodates large employers with a change to RTI transitional arrangements

  96. HMRC to start employer RTI awareness campaign

  97. RTI penalty regime consultation closes

  98. P45 gets its P45!

  99. HMRC chief admits no backup plan if RTI fails

  100. launches campaign to raise awareness of Real Time Information

  101. HMRC Real Time Information pilot numbers are lower than expected

  102. HMRC set to relax RTI ‘on or before’ rule in some situations

  103. ICAEW: RTI is an “impossible” system

  104. HMRC confirms limited extension to RTI 'on or before' reporting rule

  105. No RTI penalty charges for a year

  106. DWP denies delay to Universal Credit launch date

  107. RTI penalty regime to be published this week

  108. Head of HMRC’s RTI programme leaves his job

  109. Largest employers free to choose RTI start date

  110. CIOT urges ‘soft landing’ for RTI penalties and questions ‘on or before’ reporting rule

  111. New HMRC RTI Form 46 published

  112. Changes to RTI reporting parameters

  113. HMRC retrospectively rejects CIS payrolls from RTI pilot

  114. Employers who operate specific PAYE schemes will not report RTI until 2014

  115. HMRC offers 'hand holding' to encourage employers onto RTI pilot

  116. RTI could lead to surge in tax tribunals

  117. PAYE RTI Payroll software developers reveal fears for HMRC’s implementation strategy

  118. Business could pay £30,000 in RTI costs

  119. Government Gateway struggles with filing volume

  120. HMRC’s own first year report: good, but more to do