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Limited awareness of impending RTI remains widespread

04 February 2013 - With a little over 2 months to go until HMRC's Real Time Information reporting of PAYE is introduced by law, business surveys continue to reveal a widespread lack of awareness of RTI or what to do about it. Read more »

Low awareness of RTI confirmed by web search data

30 January 2013 - The low level of awareness of the introduction in April of HMRC’s RTI or Real Time Information reporting of PAYE is confirmed by web search data. Read more »

Government Gateway Scheduled Closures

10 January 2013 - The Government Gateway, the government website that provides access to all secure government electronic services including RTI, has to shut down twice a year for scheduled maintenance. It is not clear what the likely impacts will be for employers who need to be able to access the Gateway to notify PAYE in real time to HMRC from the start of the 2013 tax year. Read more »

Are RTI pilot numbers a bit of a hash up?

27 December 2012 - HMRC's Real Time Information pilot may not be performing as well as HMRC have maintained, a written Parliamentary answer has revealed. Read more »

RTI: When to report and when to pay

18 December 2012 - PAYE Real Time Information regulations require employers to notify PAYE to HMRC ‘on or before’ the point at which they pay their employees. Read more »

HMRC over budget on RTI

10 December 2012 - HMRC has admitted development of Real Time Information (RTI) reporting of PAYE is over budget. Read more »

HMRC scores RTI penalty own goal

03 December 2012 - HMRC’s penalty regime for RTI has been criticised by accounting experts within 36 hours of being announced. Read more »

HMRC announces RTI penalty regime ‘guidance’

30 November 2012 - HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has formally published its guidance on penalties for late and inaccurate PAYE returns submitted in real time (RTI). Read more »

RTI penalty regime to be published this week

26 November 2012 - Payroll World, the leading UK payroll professional website, has announced that HMRC will publish its Real Time Information reporting penalty regime, this week. Read more »

Head of HMRC’s RTI programme leaves his job

15 November 2012 - Mark Holden, HMRC’s Real Time Information (RTI) programme director has left his job at HM Revenue & Customs just four and a half months before RTI launches. Read more »