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HMRC issue causes Student Loans queries

30 August 2013 - Student Loan repayments have become the latest problem to hit RTI. Read more »

HMRC launch survey on RTI ‘on or before’ rule

21 August 2013 - HMRC has launched an online survey to find out how difficult the ‘on or before’ rule for reporting PAYE in real time is proving for tax agents and employers. Read more »

HMRC to investigate cause of PAYE discrepancies

13 August 2013 - HMRC announced yesterday they have set up a specialist team to identify why discrepancies are arising on employer PAYE accounts since RTI’s introduction. Read more »

HMRC consult on ‘debt’ collection via tax codes

24 July 2013 - HMRC has launched a consultation on increasing the amount of unpaid tax it can collect through individuals’ tax codes. Read more »

RTI ‘not working’ says tax adviser

22 July 2013 - Kate Upcraft, a member of HMRC’s now disbanded RTI Customer User Group, has told the Daily Telegraph “much of RTI is not working”. Read more »

HMRC’s report on RTI pilot admits some key problems

18 July 2013 - HMRC’s own report on its RTI pilot has admitted a number of the key concerns already identified by the National Audit Office. Read more »

HMRC responds to NAO report to Parliamentary Committee

11 July 2013 - HMRC has been questioned by a Parliamentary committee on the NAO’s recent report finding serious flaws in their implementation of RTI. Read more »

RTI causes SME compliance costs to rise

08 July 2013 - A research project undertaken by the Forum of Private Business has identified RTI as the key reason for increased SME compliance costs since 2011. Read more »

NAO report on RTI raises grave concerns

04 July 2013 - In a report published yesterday by the National Audit Office, concerns were raised over the resilience of HMRC’s PAYE RTI systems and the possible impact of the project’s failure to keep to its budget. Read more »

RTI 'Information Gap' storing up problems for PAYE

02 July 2013 - Details have emerged of an ‘Information Gap’ in PAYE RTI reporting. AccountingWEB, the online forum for accountancy, finance and payroll professionals on Friday, identified issues caused by lack of visibility of employers’ PAYE account balances. Read more »