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HMRC Direct Recovery of Debt proposals cause widespread alarm

30 July 2014 - The consultation on new powers for HMRC to collect unpaid tax directly from debtors’ bank accounts has elicited a strong response from accountancy bodies, business representatives and MPs. Read more »

RTI adds to cost burden for small firms

16 July 2014 - In research published by the Forum of Private Business into the cost of compliance, RTI was found to be a key contributor to the increased financial burden on small businesses. Read more »

Payroll industry concerns over plan to delay issue of tax codes

10 July 2014 - HMRC has proposed amendments to income tax regulation that will, in some circumstances, allow them to delay notification of a new tax code to an employee. Read more »

GNS message for late payment updated

01 July 2014 - HMRC have published the updated text of the Generic Notification Service message for late payment or underpayment of PAYE and Construction Industry Scheme payments. Read more »

HMRC issues penalty letters in error

30 June 2014 - HMRC have apologised for an error which has meant that some employers have received penalty warning letters for 2013-14 when no penalty is due. Read more »

HMRC flags how to avoid a late filing penalty

23 June 2014 - HMRC has published a fact sheet for employers on in-year RTI late filing penalties which will come into effect from the 6th of October this year. Read more »

5.5 million PAYE errors in first year of RTI

20 June 2014 - HMRC estimates around 5.5 million people will have paid the wrong amount of tax through Pay As You Earn in 2013-14, The Telegraph has reported today. Read more »

12,500 employer charges disputed with HMRC

17 June 2014 - At the Learn Centre’s annual conference HMRC admitted that there are 12,500 cases of disputed PAYE charges awaiting resolution. Read more »

ICAEW says HMRC service not good enough yet

12 June 2014 - ICAEW the UK’s principal accountancy body has expressed its concerns at key aspects of the way HMRC delivers services to taxpayers and agents. Read more »

First P800 tax calculations since RTI on the way

09 June 2014 - HMRC announced today that it is to begin sending out annual statements correcting the PAYE accounts of individual taxpayers. Read more »