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Latest Employer Bulletin shows concerns with PAYE data quality

17 April 2015 - HMRC published their latest Employer Bulletin on 17 April. Read more »

New HMRC online services go live

02 April 2015 - HMRC has launched three new ‘exemplar’ online services for taxpayers: Your Tax Account, Digital Self Assessment and PAYE for Employees. Read more »

DWP and HMRC: ‘RTI is already paying for itself’

27 March 2015 - In a corporate report published on the 26th of March, HMRC and DWP have said that changes to how the departments share information on taxpayers including the introduction of Real Time Information are resulting in significant savings to Government and the taxpayer. Read more »

BACS Role in RTI Data Validation Revealed

12 March 2015 - The role of BACS in the validation of employer RTI reporting has become clearer following information given to Parliament and reported by AccountingWEB. Read more »

Additional late reporting tolerance announced by HMRC

18 February 2015 - In a press release on Tuesday the 17th of February, the day after the latest Employer Bulletin was published, HMRC have said that there will be further changes to the RTI penalty regime. Read more »

Consultation on penalties launched by HMRC

12 February 2015 - HMRC is requesting feedback from taxpayers, tax credit claimants, agents and representative bodies on both the current penalty regime and its proposed future direction for penalties. Read more »

Timely notification of tax codes will not be delayed for now

26 January 2015 - HMRC has said that it will not delay the issue of tax codes to employees after they have been notified to employers. Read more »

HMRC payroll best practice advice given to employers

19 December 2014 - In the latest edition of the Employer Bulletin, released yesterday, HMRC has published some best practice advice for employers to ensure that their payroll meets the requirements of HMRC and the Department for Work and Pensions to support Universal Credit. Read more »

HMRC revises savings estimates of RTI

18 December 2014 - In an updated Tax Information and Impact Note HMRC have adjusted the costs and savings they originally forecast for both the Exchequer and employers arising from RTI. Read more »

Full review RTI to be undertaken by HMRC

03 December 2014 - The Office of Tax Simplification has confirmed that HMRC has agreed to conduct a full post-implementation review into RTI. Read more »