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BACS Hash for RTI Formally Adopted

31 August 2012 - HMRC have announced the adoption of the BACS hash code. Given under the Income Tax (Pay as you Earn) Regulations 2003 on 28 August 2012 by the Commissioners of HMRC, this directive formally recognises the obligation of employers to use a hash code when they pay their staff using direct BACS. Read more »

HMRC extend the scope of their RTI pilot

20 June 2012 - "Cautiously optimistic" is how HMRC have described their progress to date with the RTI pilot programme that commenced in April this year. They have confirmed their original intentions for the pilot programme and have announced they will widen the scope of the pilot from November 2012. Read more »

HMRC accommodates large employers with a change to RTI transitional arrangements

31 May 2012 - HMRC have reversed their decision to phase out the large employer EDI reporting channel in April 2014. This original decision, made only a year ago to deliver savings for taxpayers, invited a strong reaction from interested groups who have now seen this policy postponed. Read more »

RTI Pilot begins – HMRC’s “Tax Revolution” launches

11 April 2012 - HMRC announced the start of its PAYE RTI pilot today with 10 volunteer employers committed to submitting RTI returns when they process their payroll. Read more »

HMRC makes PAYE RTI regulations by Statutory Instrument

19 March 2012 - HMRC has announced a number of key changes to tax law in advance of the introduction of RTI and the start of its RTI pilot next month, in April 2012. Referred to as the Income Tax (Pay As You Earn) (Amendment) Regulations 2012, they will come into force on 6 April, 23 days after they were first published. Read more »

UK business will be £300m better off, says HMRC’s RTI Impact Assessment

15 March 2012 - HMRC has today published its Impact Assessment on RTI. HMRC is required to assess and publish an assessment of the impacts and costs of the administrative burden it places on business and economic activity generally and what HMRC terms ‘equalities’ impacts. Impact assessment statements apply to almost all central government interventions. Read more »

‘Dump the dummies!’ instructs HMRC

13 February 2012 - As part of its preparations for RTI, HMRC aims to draw employers’ attention to the importance of complete and accurate employee payroll data. Read more »

No P45 for the P45, after all

06 February 2012 - The P45, the UK’s best known tax form reference, which HMRC had planned to phase out, is now to be kept. HMRC’s plans to introduce a leaver statement instead of a P45 have been withdrawn following representations from interested groups. Read more »

HMRC puts out the call for volunteer employers

23 November 2011 - HMRC today announced it is looking for 1,300 more employers to join the 300 it has already lined up for the first phase of its RTI pilot, starting in April 2012. These additional 1,300 employers will join the second phase of HMRC's RTI pilot set for July 2012. Read more »

P45 gets its P45!

14 November 2011 - Form P45, the most widely known UK tax form, is due to be phased out by HMRC as part of the introduction of RTI. Plans to abolish forms P45 and P46 were included in HMRC’s draft regulations for RTI published today. Read more »