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Gateway shut for maintenance as RTI dawns

26 March 2013 - HMRC has announced that the Government Gateway will be closed for essential maintenance on the first morning of compulsory Real Time Information reporting for UK employers. Read more »

Lack of RTI Awareness Persists

25 March 2013 - A poll published by Accountancy Age has confirmed a persistent lack of awareness of the introduction of PAYE Real Time Information. The poll findings come just 2 weeks ahead of RTI’s launch by HMRC. Read more »

Last minute change to RTI ‘on or before’ rule for small employers

19 March 2013 - HMRC announced today a temporary change to the ‘on or before’ RTI reporting rule for small employers. Read more »

HMRC’s RTI awareness campaign covers old and new media channels

11 March 2013 - HMRC has released a British Pathe film explaining the launch of Pay As You Earn in 1944 as part of its campaign to alert employers to the introduction of the real-time reporting of PAYE. Read more »

HMRC changes its website

08 March 2013 - A new centralised government website, which will include HMRC’s own website, is being rolled out as part of the Cabinet Office’s drive to ‘digitise’ government. Read more »

HMRC chief acknowledges RTI will have “chewy moments”

06 March 2013 - HMRC chief Lin Homer acknowledged in an interview with the BBC yesterday that Real Time Information reporting of PAYE which starts next month will have “chewy moments”. Read more »

The Final Countdown

06 March 2013 - With just one month left HMRC has begun the final countdown to the introduction of Real Time Information reporting of PAYE on 6th April. Read more »

Failure to prepare for RTI may result in unpaid employee welfare credits

26 February 2013 - Small business employees may lose out on future welfare credits if their employers fail to prepare for RTI, a senior representative of Sage the leading UK software provider commented yesterday. Read more »

FSB calls for eleventh hour change to HMRC’s Real Time Information

25 February 2013 - The Federation of Small Businesses made a last-minute plea yesterday to change HMRC’s established plans to introduce Real Time Information reporting of PAYE on 6th April. Read more »

HMRC publishes update on RTI pilot

05 February 2013 - With two months left of its RTI pilot before HMRC requires all but the biggest UK employers to report PAYE information in real time, HMRC has published a briefing update for RTI pilot employers. Read more »