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HMRC says RTI will plug tax fraud hole

22 May 2013 - HMRC’s failure to stem tax credit fraud has been strongly criticised by the Public Accounts Committee in a report released today. Read more »

HMRC’s ‘Basic PAYE Tools’ can’t file RTI

08 May 2013 - HMRC’s own software for filing RTI, Basic PAYE Tools, is unable to report RTI. Read more »

RTI launches “smoothly”

07 May 2013 - The Chartered Institute of Taxation has acknowledged the hard work of employers and payroll professionals which has “clearly helped ease the operation of RTI”. Read more »

HMRC announces 1 million employers reporting RTI

02 May 2013 - HMRC announced today that 1 million employer PAYE schemes are now reporting RTI in its first month of operation. Read more »

HMRC responds to RTI Pilot participants’ penalty fears

30 April 2013 - HMRC have created a potential RTI penalty liability for employers participating in the RTI pilot despite their assurances to the contrary. Read more »

HMRC overwhelmed by requests for annual PAYE schemes

29 April 2013 - HMRC has been forced to suspend temporarily requests to change PAYE schemes to report annually. Read more »

HMRC pleased with RTI launch despite teething problems

11 April 2013 - HMRC have expressed satisfaction with their launch of RTI and confirmed they have received 70,000 employer returns in RTI’s first 3 days. Read more »

P45 Filing Causes Disruption

08 April 2013 - HMRC’s big bang approach to RTI on 6 April is creating difficulties for employers who still have to report employee departures for the prior tax year. Read more »

RTI starts and clears its first hurdle

06 April 2013 - On the day the Grand National is run at Aintree, HM Revenue & Customs introduced sweeping changes to the operation of Pay As You Earn. Saturday 6th April, which is also the first day of the tax year, marks the beginning of what HMRC have themselves styled a “tax revolution”. Read more »

Further last minute changes to RTI

04 April 2013 - Two days before PAYE RTI goes live for all employers in the UK HMRC has announced a further change in its guidance for starters in relation to the filing of P45 forms. Read more »