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HMRC offers 'hand holding' to encourage employers onto RTI pilot

October 26, 2012


HMRC wants more large employers to join its Real Time Information (RTI) pilot before the end of the year and is offering incentives to do so, according to Payroll World.

Payroll World reported, Phil Nilson, Head of HMRC’s RTI stakeholder engagement team, addressing delegates at its Autumn Update Conference that the pilot had been a “runaway success” and that any problems encountered were PAYE issues that would have existed anyway or minor IT issues rather than unique RTI issues.

As a result of the confidence gained during the pilot HMRC is contacting all large employers and payroll bureaus to try and get them reporting RTI before the April 2013 deadline.

Nilson was reported as saying, “The hooks for getting these larger employers on board are they won’t have to do an end of year return for 2012/13 and they will get far more support in the pilot than they would otherwise – and of course that principle applies to everybody that comes on early,”

“You won’t get that level of hand-holding that employers get in the pilot if you are not in it. There is still time to volunteer and I would urge you to do so if you want that extra support – volunteer via your software developer before New Year’s Eve.”

HMRC says that any new PAYE scheme set up from November will be encouraged to enter RTI straight away.

HMRC continues to report on the overall number of employees within the pilot but does not update its guidance on the actual number of employers in the pilot.

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