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HMRC extend the scope of their RTI pilot

June 20, 2012

 “Cautiously optimistic” is how HMRC have described their progress to date with the RTI pilot programme that commenced in April this year. They have confirmed their original intentions for the pilot programme and have announced they will widen the scope of the pilot from November 2012.

HMRC began piloting RTI in April 2012 with 10 volunteer employers which was then increased by a further 300. The plan provided for an additional 1,300 employers to join from July which has now been confirmed with a third and final pilot phase commencing in November 2012, involving much larger numbers of employers.

In April 2012 HMRC announced that the November phase would have some 250,000 employers in RTI by March 2013, but today’s announcement does not mention any target numbers for the third and final pilot stage. HMRC have said that “as a result of the success of the pilot a number of developers have asked to bring more products in” although does not refer to the level of employer demand to join.

The announcement also confirmed that it will be contacting some of the UK’s largest employers and payroll bureaux shortly to come into RTI early. It is still not apparent whether HMRC’s pilot involves sufficient numbers of what it terms ‘micro, small and medium-sized employers’ ahead of April 2013, when RTI becomes mandatory for all such employers.

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