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Changes to RTI reporting parameters

October 26, 2012


HMRC’s original specification for employers reporting Real Time Information for PAYE via payroll software has changed.

HMRC’s original format for the RTI Full Payment Submission did not generally allow negative values. However this has now been changed, so that employers will be allowed to report negative values to HMRC via Real Time Information (RTI) to correct mistakes made earlier in the year.

Payroll World reported this development after it was raised at the Payroll World Autumn Update Conference held in London last week.

Payroll World also reported that software developers considered this development to be optional, quoting Norman Green of Logica now part of CGI as saying “However, it’s optional for the software provider to make a change at this stage”.

From April 2013 the option to report negative values will be available to all.

The exchanges appear to raise a number of key questions about the specification for RTI software development commercial software developers are working from. It would suggest that HMRC’s RTI software specification is subject to change and that changes will be made to commercial RTI software after HMRC’s pilot has ended in March 2013.

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