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‘Dump the dummies!’ instructs HMRC

February 13, 2012

Last week, HMRC uploaded to YouTube a 3 minute 36 second video to raise employers’ awareness of how inaccurate employer returns can affect them, their employees and HMRC. HMRC issued a press release today announcing the video. The press release was titled ‘dump the dummies’. It was not clear how HMRC intended to promote the video to employers.

HMRC’s press release raises the question of how it intends to communicate with UK employers about data accuracy but also about RTI itself, the largest and most radical reform to Pay As You Earn, since its creation in 1944.

HMRC acknowledged that the vast majority of employee data submitted by employers is correct. It did not give any specific numbers indicating the overall levels of inaccurate employee records it has assessed.
Jim Harra, HMRC’s Director of Customer Operations responsible for the video, urged employers to watch the video if they had “a spare few minutes”.

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